Windmill operates under the control of a Board of Directors who determine the aims and overall policy of the organisation, monitor the implementation of policy and guide the Head of Windmill in implementing policy successfully.  The Board is comprised of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Parent/Family representative and a number of Directors who contribute particular expertise to the determination of policy.  The Head of Windmill, who is accountable to the Board of Directors, co-ordinates overall administration to ensure the effective direction, management and operation of the organisation.

The Staff team comprised of all posts, are answerable to the Head of Windmill and are Windmill’s greatest resource in endeavouring to achieve its aim of supporting those who access the Service to develop and use the skills necessary to make their individuals life choices and be active citizens.

The Board and Staff alike are answerable to those individuals who are supported by Windmill in that they are required to work together in the pursuit of providing a high quality Person Centred Service.

last updated on: 19.04.2023