About Us

Windmills Mission Statement

Windmill supports adults with mild to moderate intellectual disability to develop and use the skills necessary to make their individual life choices and be active citizens.

Windmills Statement of Purpose

Windmills purpose is to provide Day Service to adults with mild to moderate intellectual disability. The aim is to support individuals to develop and employ the skills necessary to enable them achieve a sense of self-worth, self-actualization and fulfilment and achieve their rightful place in their community as equally valued citizens.

This aim is achieved by employing a person centred approach and scaffolding facilitated through the provision of a safe and supportive therapeutic training framework/programme.  The therapeutic framework together with the person centred approach is aimed at enabling, growth and development of both personal and practical skills.  The Programme, being responsive to needs and goals identified in the personal centred planning process, takes place internally and external to the Unit, in the wider community. It occurs within regular working hours and beyond, in response to the needs and goals identified by those who access the service.

The service is open Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 4/5.00pm, closing for 26 days annual leave inclusion of Easter, Summer, Autumn and Christmas Holidays. All funding streams (including state grant aid and fundraising and service charge) go toward maintaining and development of the Person Centred Day Service.

Values of Windmill/Objectives

  • Respect and unconditional positive regard
  • Respecting individuals who access the Service as adult citizens
  • Providing safe environment which is conducive to learning and development
  • Focusing on ability, not disability, and using a positive approach to deal with any presenting issues whilst always aiming to achieve a positive outcome to all.
  • A person centred approach, where each person is treated with dignity and as an individual with a unique personality, abilities, needs and aspirations and is appropriately scaffolded and supported to achieve his/her individual positive outcomes
  • All aspects of the Service’s operations are aimed at bettering the experience of those who access the Service, the Service exists for them
  • Encouraging and enabling therapeutic interactions, which facilitate growth and development in a positive way, between all members of Windmill, those who access the Service and staff alike
  • Those who access the service are facilitated to make choices about and are central in planning the service they receive
  • Those who access the service are enabled to express themselves, are truly listened to are heard and understood
  • Offering those who access the service the opportunity to explore and develop personal and practical skills and the opportunity to use those skills in a real way taking a place of their choice in society
  • Supporting those who access the service to lead fulfilling lives, of their choice
  • Respecting the right to confidentiality for all those who access the Service
  • Encouraging and facilitating good communication with the families and the significant others of those who access the service for the betterment of those who access the Service.